The law firm of Mikulski & Partners bases its expertise on our invaluable experience working with the business community involved in international and domestic trade starting in the 1980s, further developed through the 1990s, a decade when we were able to assist investors from elsewhere in Europe, from SMEs to some of the largest institutional investors – many coming to us by way of Vienna, thanks to our close cooperation with Austrian institutions supporting business development and our ties to the academic community.


Today we are a law firm highly regarded as a professional partner for businesses, cooperating with other prominent law firms in Poland and many other European countries.


Our clients include not only companies from elsewhere in the European Union – particularly from the German- and Spanish-speaking regions which have traditionally been a significant source of our clients – but also Polish companies with foreign shareholders. We are privileged to work with Polish clients seeking to develop their businesses with backing from around the EU.


We combine up-to-date on-line capabilities with the traditional values of solid, reliable legal work.


About us