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The most recent conference of the East Legal Team was held in Bucharest on 12–14 April 2013. Representatives from Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Slovenia took part in the meeting. Guests included Dr. Radu-Bogdan Bobei, lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest; Dumitru Vescu, president of the Romanian-Moldovan Chamber of Commerce; and Ion Mocanu, CEO of Romanian construction company Rominvent SA. Dr. Bobei’s lecture on arbitration sparked a lively discussion on the functions of arbitration and the rules of dispute resolution.


The next day, after the organizational meeting, we had time for sightseeing and an encounter with the tragic architectural concepts of Nicolae Ceaușescu, the self-styled “Genius of the Carpathians,” and his Social Realist avenues in a style resembling that of the Nowa Huta development in Kraków. The avenues were built in the place of splendid Art Nouveau buildings.


We then enjoyed a real feast at the Caru’ cu bere restaurant. Founded in 1879, its neo-Baroque style captures the magical atmosphere of 19th-century Bucharest. We heartily recommend the restaurant to visitors. East Legal Team, based in Budapest, is recognized as a European Economic Interest Grouping under Regulation (EEC) No 2137/85. It provides legal aid in Central & Eastern Europe through lawyers experienced in national and international legal transactions.




1. Restaurant Caru' cu Bere was founded in 1879. It is distinguished by beautiful Neo-baroque interior.

Author: George M. Groutas
Source*: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jorge-11/3491247346/sizes/l/in/photostream/
Crative Commons Licence, type 2.0



2. From the right: Peter Klein - Petsch, Frosch, Klein, Arturo (Vienna, Austria) Cosmin Mocanu - Stratula Mocanu & Asociatii (Buchareszt, Romania), George Potchekanski i Ohanes Panikian - PP&Z Law (Sofia, Bulgaria), Mojca Novak i Andrzej Mikulski (Mikulski & Partners)


3. Guests at the feast.