On the 30th of September 2013, lectures and meetings of entrepreneurs and representatives of the governments of Poland and of Kingdom of Spain took place at the premises of the Ministry of Economy in Warsaw. The purpose of this event, which was co-organized by the Ministry of Economy, the Spanish Embassy and the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce, was the promotion of the mutual investments of the corporate entities in both of the countries.

Lecturers representing the organisers, among them the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy Janusz Piechociński, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain Agustín Núñez Martinez and the President of the Council of the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce Stefan Bekir Assanowicz, presented the status of the mutual economic relations between these two countries. Within the panel discussion „Possibilites of investment in Poland and in Spain”, the entrepreneurs of both countries (among them representatives of the Western Bank WBK, of the Asseco Group and of the company Selena Iberia) presented their experiences investing on both of the markets.

The event was also an opportunity to establish relations between the companies and the representatives of the two countries. The members of the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw were also participants of the conference, and among them the representatives of our Law Firm – attorney-at-law Andrzej Mikulski and junior lawyer Piotr Brych.